Street dance class starts with a bang!

February 15, 2019
Street dance class

Lisa’s new Tuesday street dance class has kicked off with a bang. We have a great bunch of young dancers who bring sass and attitude and we are looking forward to seeing what this class can really do.

Charlie and Skye, the MDP mentors, wanted to let everyone know how impressed they are!

From Charlie:

Our first term has concluded already and we are shocked on just how well our new Street MaShers are doing with learning g the choreography. They are progressing really well!

They always come to the door and put a smile on our faces for the whole entire class. They are full of energy and enthusiasm and we can’t wait for them to return next term.

We’re always looking for for new members to come and join us, so if you want to put a smile on your face and join the fun, come along to our first lesson back after half term on Tuesday 24th February at 4:30pm.

Really proud of the class – keep up the good work and remember, keeeeeeeep dancing!

From Skye:

Wow! What a great first term with our new street dance crew, I am so proud of them!

We have such an energetic bunch, they have picked up the routines really well in a short space of time and so good to hear all their stories of how they have been practicing at home as well.

My favorite part of the class is when we have our dance off at the end, they are so enthusiastic about presenting their dance moves……AMAZING!

I have really enjoyed getting to know you all and looking forward to being part of your Mash journey, Roll on the next Mash Extravaganza show to see the crew and routines on the stage

See you next term!

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