Learning to dance with MaSh Dance Studio

With over 40 years of experience, our dance classes and lessons are fun, friendly, relaxed and informative. There are many ways to get started or to progress your skills. We provide classes and lessons on many styles of dance including Ballroom, Latin, Street, Freestyle, Rock n Roll, Sequence, and Salsa. Read our introductions below or check our available classes and jump straight in.

Dance classes

We provide dance classes that are fun and friendly, no partner is required just simply look through our available classes and turn up.

Private dance lessons

Private dance lessons give you one on one tuition with one of our skilled dance teachers. Allowing you to have more say with what and how you learn to dance. To get started contact one of our dance teachers or Shelly Davis to talk about who is best suited to you and your location.

Wedding choreography

MaSh Dance have been helping Mr and Mrs to-be couples to live out the dance of their dreams on their wedding day. We have instructors who can help you to make sure your dance is exactly as you imagined it. 

Children’s dance classes

MaSh Dance provides after school dance lessons in lots of schools in Northamptonshire.