Corby carnival results

July 19, 2013

Once more unto the breach…or at least that is how it felt at 07:30am on a Saturday morning in a pub car park in Corby! Weeks worth of planning, building, painting and nursing wounds had culminated to this, and as I watched a gigantic articulated lorry carefully negotiate the trees lining the entry to the pub, I shuddered at the sheer size of the task ahead.

It was of course Corby Carnival time and MaSh were entering a float for the third year running, but this year was different, we had a completely new design, and our eyes on a prize.

The theme for this years event was ‘Decades’ and many floats had chosen just the one…not us, we dressed the float for the 1920’s, 1950’s, 1970’s and 2000’s each representing a different style of dance. Volunteers on the day made a brilliant effort in dressing accordingly, which really finished the float off well.

The end result? MaSh Dance placed FIRST in the adults section!!!!!

Massive thanks to all involved on the day, but in particular to our artistic friends without whom we couldn’t have come close to winning. And also our ever dependable driver Barry, who was up with us from the start and was rewarded with his own trophy.

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